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December 11, 2018
December 11, 2018 admin

Eastern Science – Guided Meditation Music

I have been passionate about meditation since I was young, however, I did not take it seriously until 11 years ago. What happened back then? I read Dharma Punx by Noah Levine, that’s what.

Having Buddhism broken down for me in a way that appealed to my punk background was the perfect thing to shake of my worries that if I got into meditation I may turn into a “hippy.”

Anyways, the journey of discovery has been long and wild. I love meditation so much that I decided to start making guided meditation music and videos, along with the amazingly talented Stacie Ant.

And this is how we decided to start Eastern Science – Guided Meditation Music.

15 Minute Guided Meditation Music (Relaxation) 2019 - Eastern Science

My plan is to release one or two songs each month, accompanied by a video. I will be exploring a range of topics from mindfulness to zen, from meditations for sleep to meditations for anxiety.

We have also signed a distribution deal with Label-Engine which means that all of our content will be available to stream on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, and 100 other online stores.

My sincerest hope is that we can bring positive change to people’s lives. I do not claim to be a guru or a spiritual leader but hope that my experience with both music and meditation can help people in some small way.

I will also be writing about my experience with meditation on our blog.

I have already written two posts Meditation tips for beginners and the health benefits of meditation on seniors.

Check them out, enjoy, and have a great day!


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